Who we are

CREDO pharmaceuticals is one of Egypt pharma group, it is a fast developing corporation was established in in “2014” specialized in sales, marketing and distribution of cosmoceutical & pharmaceutical products.

CREDO pharmaceuticals is a company specialized in Health Care and cosmomedical products aiming to be a one of the leading companies through invisting in many theriputic areas to adress the unmet needs of patients .


Create a strong and effective climate within the company through continuous training and create a spirit of cooperation between employees to provide the best products and the best active ingredient that met the needs of our clients in all targeted theraputic segments and building a promising market in Arabic, European and African countries through our agents in these countries.

Company mission

our mission is to improve the lives of patients by offering a high quality and low cost medications that address unmet medical needs of the patients for better health care

Company vision

As we move toward our goal of being a leading pharmaceutical company during next 5 years, CREDO pharma will inspire its employees to be the best they can be.

Building a better tomorrow
We are commited